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    Add Individual Style to Your Home and Yard with a Beautiful New Patio Door

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Few upgrades add new dimension to your home like a roof replacement or a new patio door. Beautiful glass entryways are a great way to seamlessly bridge household interiors and exteriors. Review the following benefits of this home improvement option while considering a new patio door installation in your home:

    Custom Functionality
    Patio doors are broken up into two major styles: Hinged patio doors function much like normal doors and can be opened in numerous directions, while gliding doors slide open and closed on a track. Homeowners looking to create an inviting outdoor transition should consider the hinged option, as the welcoming appearance of wide open patio doors will put guests at ease. Alternatively, homeowners who prioritize functionality and space in design may prefer a gliding patio door.

    Versatile Lighting
    Nothing can replace the luminous beauty of natural sunlight. Glass patio doors allow bountiful sunlight into your home each day, and you can spice up your interior space with sheer, colored curtains. Patio doors allow homeowners to experiment with numerous decorating schemes involving natural light.

    Choice Materials
    A broad selection of materials adds another decorative element to patio doors. Wooden doors provide an attractive, all-natural feel to indoor and outdoor spaces, while metal materials are the perfect complement to a pre-existing modern motif. Homeowners searching for a subtle touch will have their needs met with high-performance fiberglass. Experienced contractors like Findlay Roofing can install any of these breathtaking doors into your home.

    Outdoor Cohesion
    One advantage unique to patio doors is their ability to transition decorating schemes inside and outside of the home. Large glass panes make it easy for guests to follow color choices from the living room to the patio, or homeowners can choose to use the transparency of patio doors to create high-contrast effects.

    Patio doors inspire creativity in home design. Visit Findlay Roofing online or call (678) 905-4155 for more great home improvement ideas from the best roofing company in Atlanta

    Why is Proper Maintenance of Your Roof So Important? Check Out These Links for Answers

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Our recent blog posts have discussed the importance of attic insulation and some methods for determining whether you need to have your roof repaired or replaced. To explore these topics further, check out the following resources, and for a free roof analysis in Atlanta or Marietta, call the best Atlanta roofing company, Findlay Roofing, at (678) 905-4155.

    • Read this AOL DIY Life article to learn more about the variables that should factor into your decision to repair or replace your roof.
    • This blog post discusses the energy-saving benefits afforded by attic insulation.

    Roof Roof! A Great Review of Findlay Roofing from Kudzu!

    Last updated 3 years ago

    • on Kudzu
    • After shopping several local companies including Home Depot we picked Findlay Roofing to replace our roof, gutters and insulation. From quote to completed job their level of honest customer service was refreshing. No high pressure sales pitch or broken promises.

      Do your shopping but I would pick Findlay every time!  ... More

      Thank you so much for your kind words!  For more information on the best Atlanta roofing company, call Findlay Roofing today at (678) 905-4155!

    Why is Insulation Important? Well, You Could Be Losing Money!

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Home insulation allows families to live more comfortably and cost-efficiently than they would without that added layer of protection. If you would like to learn more about the importance of insulating your home and the benefits that attic and wall insulation provide, continue reading:

    Keep Warm or Cool Air in Your Home
    Thermal insulation for your home’s walls and attics keeps your home protected against the movement of heat. This keeps hot air from entering your home in the warm summer months and escaping from it in the dead of winter.

    Restore Leaking Insulation
    Leaky insulation does not mean that moisture penetrates your home. If water is entering your home from the outdoors, hire a roofer as soon as possible to patch your roof. If, on the other hand, your insulation has gaps in it, you can fortify your home by having those leaks filled in with spray foam insulation.

    Enjoy Increased Comfort
    By restricting heat from easily leaving or entering your home, you will be able to minimize drafts and consistently enjoy the temperature at which you set your thermostat.

    Save Money and the Environment
    One of the perks of having a well-insulated home is the money you can save on energy bills. Attic insulation plays an especially large role in energy savings, as heat often escapes through the roof of a home. Because insulation enables you to use your air conditioning and heating system less frequently, it can also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

    The climate enjoyed by residents of Atlanta and its neighboring cities is marked by warm days in the summer and cool nights during winter. Ensure that your home will be comfortable despite the outside temperature by investing in high-performing insulation. For professional attic insulation services and first-rate roof repair in Atlanta, Marietta, Lawrenceville and Alpharetta, call “roof roofFindlay Roofing at (678) 905-4155.

    What Roof Material is Right For You? Is There a Difference?

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Homeowners throughout the country often neglect to give their roofs the attention necessary to keep them functional for the duration of their expected lifespan. This is because roofs are often forgotten once installed, at least until they start to leak or deteriorate.

    To learn more about asphalted shingles, rolled wood, and other rooftop materials as well as the different maintenance requirements of each one, check out this informational video clip. You will also find out how to assess your roof’s damage to determine whether you should have it repaired or replaced.

    If you are looking for high-quality professional roofers in Atlanta, Marietta, or elsewhere in Georgia, contact Findlay Roofing. Call (678) 905-4155 to find out more about our services and the first-rate materials we use in roof repair and replacement!

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